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PanoGraph Kft. offers the latest state of the art full immersive virtual tours and panoramas and panoramic print solutions.
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Pan2PDF marketing tool



SEO - Search Engine and Website Optimization Services    
Over the past couple of years we have learned a lot from Google and created many well optimized websites. As Hummingbird search algorihtm change was silently brought into being by the search giant we launched our new website and introduced our new website optimization services. Please chek out the new site and ask for a complimentary website audit to make sure your site meets the latest Guidelines, ranks well in SERP and delivers results that meets your targets and expectations.   Serach Engine and Website optimization services
Library Virtual Tour    
A recent virtual tour project for a library in West Hungary in the historic town of Pápa.   Library Virtual Tour
Real Estate Virtul Tour    
A virtual tour project for a high quality and high value family home for sale in Pécs, Hungary   Real Estate Virtual Tour
EU Hotel Pinboard has been launched    
The idea of EU Hotel Pinboard is based on the new social media phenomenon, Pinterest with a rapidly increasing user base and quite a number of Hotel Photos had been shared on the site>>>

Users can create virtual bulletin boards to "pin" images from around the web or form their computers. It's basically a bookmarking site for great images. When a user pins a photo to one of their boards, the image links back to the original website where it lives.

How can hotels use EU Hotel Pin Board? Due to its photo-centric design, this social network can act as a valuable tool to increase inbound traffic to hotel websites or to a hotel Facebook page.
  EU Hotel Pinboard
EU Hotel Marketing has been launched    
Based on the success of Asia Hotel Marketing, PanoGraph developed a new site for Hospitality Professionals in Europe.

Our services
* Hotel Photography
* Virtual Tours
* 3D Walkthroughs
* Email Marketing
* Search Engine Marketing
* Online Marketing
* Web Design
* Website Audit
* Social Media Marketing
  EU Hotel Marketing
High resolution panoramic images for Bitexco Sky Deck Touch Screens    

The client

Bitexco Financial Tower is a skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, owned by Bitexco Group, a Vietnamese company. With 68 floors above ground and three basements, the building has a height of 262.5 metres (861 ft), make it become the 124th tallest building in the world.

Visitors will enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the cityscape and the Saigon River. Destined to be the highlight of any trip to Vietnam, visitors can experience a "top-of-the-world" feeling and get a closer look at the spectacular sight by the binocular stands.

The idea:
Bitexco Group marketing decided to enhance Sky Deck visiting experience by installing six large HP Touch Smart Screens with high resolution, zoomable panoramic images running on it so that viewers would see the city with street level zoom regardless of the weather. Pop-up windows will give extra information on the landmarks of Saigon.

Based on the brief of the creative agency DRAFTFCB in Ho Chi Minh City six high resolution panoramic images were created from six positions outside of the building with enough overlap an the highest possible vertical field of view so that the viewers can see as many details as possible of the city from the Sky Deck.
  High resolution panoramic images for Bitexco Financial Tower Touch Screen application
New site, New Service - Asia Hotel Marketing    
PanoGraph developed a new site for Hospitality Professionals in South East Asia.

We combine the creative talent of an advertising agency with a sharp focus on ROI – we're your one-stop shop for hotel photography, web development and interactive marketing that drives results >>>
  Asia Hotel Marketing
Projects in Vietnam & SE Asia- 2010    
Currently staying in Vietnam - you can follow our projects here >>>

Phone: +36 209 441 207
  Vietnam Photo Projects
Saigon Skyline at Sunset    
Series of very high resolution panoramic images for a big variety of use: posters, murals for homes and office walls, advertising and editorial use.   Saigon Skyline at Sunset
Saigon panoramic photos in the Hungarian edition of Marie Claire    
Illustrating the article about Sài Gòn - Tp. HCM written by Andrea Bencsik, Tamas D.Varga got three panoramic images among many other stills published in the April 2011 edition of the Hungarian edition of the glossy women magazine, Marie Claire.   Marie Claire Saigon article with panoramic images
Panoramic photo licensed to ARUP Vietnam    
A historic panoramic photo is licensed by ARUP for their company brochure. On the back cover you'll see the since demolished legendary EDEN building.   ARUP A global firm of consulting engineers, designers, planners and project managers
Virtual Tour Demo Of The Singapore Inernational School @ Trung Son, HCMC    

Singapore Inernational School @ Trung Son, HCMC is the first educational institute that is interested in having virtual tour for their campuses.

According to the PEW Internet & American Life Project, more than 90% of college-bound students now begin their college search online, and the Wall Street Journal notes that virtual tours come second only to actual campus visits in luring students. See the PDF of the report >>>
ARUP construction and architectural photography project    

Photography project for the Ho Chi Minh City office of ARUP on four construction and architectural projects in Saigon: Sunrise City, Times Square, Le Meridien and Vincom Center.
  ARUP A global firm of consulting engineers, designers, planners and project managers
Cambodia - Koh Ker & Angkor Panoramic Photo Project    
Very special panoramic photography projects covering dozens of temples in Koh Ker, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom.   Royal Angkor Foundation, Hunincor, Kohker, Ankgor Wat, Angkor Tom panoramic photo project
Tandoor HCMC Virtual Tour    
Amongst the several Indian restaurants, Tandoor Restaurant, Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City is one of the finest. Located at 6 Hai Bà Trưng,. District 1 in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh city, the extensive menu list is sure to delight you.

So will the virtual tour of the restaurant created by PanoGraph >>>
  Tandoor Vietnam Saigon virtual tour
Corporate portrait photography for CB Richard Ellis   CB Richard Ellis Vietnam
Indochina Plaza Hanoi Virtual Tour    
PanoGraph were proud to be comissioned to create virtual tours for Indochina Capital's Indochina Plaza Hanoi condominiums.

In co-operation with Lotus Agency Asia the virtual tour is online now on their website >>>

Lotus Agency Asia has won the Asia Pacific Residential Property Award 2010 for the Indochina PLaza Hanoi website. Congratulations!
  Indochina Plaza Hanoi Virtual tour

Lotus agency Asia
Panoramic image on the front page of Ujpest district council website    
Ujpest (Budapest 4th district) has started reconstruction of the Main Square, the area around the beautiful City Council building that they plan to document with panoramic images when it is finished. As a first step they comissioned PanoGraph to creat a 360 degree panoramic image for the front page of their website -   Ujpest panoramic image -
New feature: Video embedded in a panoramic image    
Eye catching multimedia solution: motion video embedded into the 360 degree spherical panorama. Turn on your lodspeakers and click on the icon on the right to see it in real. Web design by emotions.   Harlem: video embeded in a panoramic image
Full screen Flash panorama of the Feszty cyclorama is online    
The Flash panorama of Arpad Feszty's panorama painting we created back in 2005 with the highest VFOV (vertical field of view) ever has finally displayed on the site of the Opusztaszer Historical Park. This panorama includes the elements of the three dimensional foreground called prosencium or diorama. More about the cyclorama here >>>   Feszty panorama
Web development with panoramic images    
We have developed a site for Ms. Andrea Bencsik psychologist built on the popular Joomla CMS system enhanced with panoramic images that capture visitor's attention.
As a result of effective SEO (search engine optimization) the site has got high ranking and receives increasing number of hits with a good conversion rate.
  Bencsik Andrea pszichológus, Budapest -a new service by PanoGraph    
Hungarian location scouting site. We provide filming locations and location management, pre-production, production, logistics for broadcasters, advertisers and corporate clients, wishing to film in Hungary or in Central Eastern Europe. Our local knowledge guarantees that we will find you the suitable shooting locations for film and motion picture, commercials, commercial photography, music videos, episodic television projects in Hungary and present the venues, the sight in stills plus in HDR 360 degree panoramic images so you can immerse yourself into the scene and will get the whole picture.  
Hungary Locations, the Hungarian location scouting site with 360 degree panoramic images

Swimming kindergarden virtual tour    
Another exciting application of virtual tours in a special kindergarden that is based in the National Sport Swimming Pool in Budapest.   Swimming kindergarden
Panoramic images as illustrations    
Several panoramic images of Tamas D.Varga illustrates the unique book written in Chinese about European cafés. The author is Yu Zemin, the Beijing born doctor and writer living in Budapest, Hungary. He is also the author of the texts for the Beijing 360° panoramic photo album >>>   Cafés in Europe by Yu Zemin
Extreme resolution panoramic image - GIGAPIXEL PANORAMAS    

Gigapixel panoramic images reveal small details of a scene that are not perceptible to the eye.

These huge flat panoramic images can be used in various internet applications as well as in prints.

Can you count how many people are standing on the bridge of the Shanghai "Bottle Opener" ?

More details >>>

Shanghai Gigapan
Three new Flash virtual tours for different clients in Hungary and in China

The management of the Hungarian Hotel Silvanus was not satisfied with the quick and dirty solution that they bought for the first version of their virtual tour online and hired PanoGraph to create high quality, HDR (high dynamic range) panoramas for their interior. See it online here >>>

  Hotel Silvanus virtual tour

Kadarporta is located in a small village in South Transdanubia and the owner has transformed the old peasant house into a very intimate and well equipped tourist destination and conference room. Their site is under development, but the flash based virtual tour with eighteen 360 degree panoramic images can be reviewed online >>>   Kadarporta flash virtual tour
Commune by the Great Wall is a private collection of contemporary architecture designed by 12 Asian architects. In 2005, Commune by the Great Wall was hailed by Business Week as a “New Architectural Wonder of China”. Commune by the Great Wall is managed by Kempinski. There is a private path accessing the Great Wall at Commune by the Great Wall. Panoramic photographer Tamas D.Varga is currently working on the second phase of the project while 37 panoramic images of phase one were complied into a Flash based virtual tour >>>   Kempinski flash virtual tour



The first ever panoramic photo published by the Hungarian edition of National Geographic Magazine

The Hungarian edition of National Geographic feautres several articles about wine and wine making in its Septermber 2008 issue.

The first illustration for the article titled Sunshine in the Barrel (p48) is a panoramic image taken by Tamas D.Varga. While the original image is a 360 degree shot the edited image is a cut and crosses two pages. The panoramic image shows the unique series of wine cellars in Villanykovesd, Hungary and is a good example to show that panoramic photographs definitely provide a greater sense of scale about the location than conventional formats.

See the original 360 degree panoramic shot here >>>
  National Geographic Magazine Hungary, Sept 2008 - Panoramic photo inside
Another breakthrough in online promotion using 360° panoramic photography

The client:
Young & Rubicam Moscow the creative agency for the biggest Russian berwery commissioned WorldPanoramaStock, the panoramic stock photo agency run by PanoGraph to search for 360 degree panoramic images for an online promotion of Baltika 7, a new beer brand.

The idea:
"Strive for the better" - Open to the world with Baltika 7 (the new beer brand). Recognise 7 cities of the world to win the superprize and branded t-shirts. 7 megapolices will appear on the screen in front of you. Your task is to quickly recognise the city.

Young & Rubicam used sixteen VR panoramic images in Flash format (out of which three were licenced by Tamas D.Varga) of several cities of the world with no landmarks on them. Participants were invited to quickly identify the name of the city depicted in the photograph, using the tips offered.

The site: Click the image to go directly to the promotional microsite (Russian only).

  Online promotion using 360° panoramic photography

Click on the image to visit the microsit (Russian only)

or click here to enlarge the image
Beijing 360° panoramic photo album reviewed on VRMAG

VRMag, a highly regarded and popular bi-monthly online magazine dedicated to VR photography and travel have featured two of the latest achievements by PanoGraph:
>> the Beijing 360° panoramic photo album published by 360 Art Ltd and
>> WorldPanoramaStock photo library, PanoGraph's panoramic stock photo agency

Hereby we wish to thank Marco Trezzini, the Editorial Director of VRWAY, publisher of content-rich media for both print and the Internet his kindness to dedicate Issue No31 of VRMAG to Vera, co-founder of PanoGraph Ltd who passed away in July .
  VRMAG Online publication dedicated to VR photoraphy and travel

Click on the image to visit VRMAG
or click here to enlarge cover for issue No31

Hungary 360° panoramic photo album as a special gift

Music Express the corporate gift supplier company adapted Tamas D.Varga's Hungary 360° panoramic photo album and has created an elegant gift item packed in a special cardbord box along with a musical CD.
Hungary 360° panoramic photo album as a special gift

Click on the image to enlarge
The Spinning VOLVO buses

We turned some large VOLVO buses around. Well, not really... Actually we took the necessary number of shots to create the 3D spinning object photos of these elegant vehicles.

Alfa Busz Ltd. of Székesfehérvár, Hungary manufactures and sells bus bodies, sub-units and complete VOLVO buses. They comissioned PanoGraph to create panoramic images of the interior of their buses and also to make the rotating 3D images (also known as object movies) for their electronic sales brochures and web site.

The most important types of buses that Alfa Busz Ltd manufactures are as follows: * Alfa Regio intercity (suburban) bus
* Alfa Regio LE intercity (suburban) low-floor bus
* Alfa Localo Electric city trolleybus
* Alfa Inter Regio GT coach * Alfa Localo urban low-floor bus - this latter one has participated in the Budapest - Bamako Rally in 2008 >>>
Some samples can be seen here in full screen mode (opened in new window):
* Localo interior in Quick Time format >>>
* Regio 3D spinning object movie in Flash >>>
* Regio interior in Quick Time format >>>
* Inter Regio interior in Quick Time format >>>
* Inter Regio 3D spinning object movie in Flash >>>




Beijing 360° - A new panoramic photo album

An exciting project in co-operation with 360 Art Kft, the Hungarian panoramic publishing house.

The third panoramic photo album of Tamas D.Varga about Beijing, the rapidly changing capital of China is about to come out of print in the spring of 2008. It will be distributed not only in Beijing at book stores and Olympic kiosks, but will be available at main book retailers worldwide.

See more on the site of Beijing 360° >>>
Beijing 360 panoramic photo album
Another achievement in online advertising - 360 degree panorama usage

360 degree panoramic image of the Great Wall taken by Tamas D.Varga was chosen for online promotion for Holland Casinos.

The client: The Holland Casino Amsterdam is one of the largest casinos in Europe (it's more than 90,000 square feet), it offers everything from your choice of French or American roulette to computerized bingo, as well as the obligatory slot machines to eat up your supply of loose euros. (source: Fodor's)

The idea: There's a chance to win a journey of a lifetime. Visit all New 7 Wonders of the World by Holland Casinos.

Execution: Online promotion to increase the customer base of the Holland Casinos by presenting deatils of the destinations programmed in Flash with embedded 360 degree panoramic images of the New 7 Wonders taken by the best of class panoramic photographers of the world. It is created by the Dutch creative agency Skipintro.

The site: the promotional site is not active by now, but you still can see how the concept worked by clicking here:
Alternatively click the images on the right, scroll to the destinations by dragging the plane to see the 360 degree panoramic images of the New 7 wonders. (Dutch only)

See more Great Wall panoramas by Tamas D.Varga here and do not forget to check the full screen quick time 360 degree panoramas >>>

New 7 Wonders of the World


New 7 Wonders of the World

Panoramic images for web design - due to the nature of the new web design layout trend panorama pictures are the perfect fit for the headers of the web sites.

Our image appears on the front page header of the site designed for the Geothermical Foundation, Hungary.

We have thousands of panoramic images on stock for your new / old website.

Please contact us and we'll find you the panorama photo that best suit your needs >>>
  Panoramic images for web design
PanoGraph Company Profile 2007 - our updated company broschure has just came out of print.

Please contact us and we'll be glad to send you one by post >>>
  PanoGraph company profile
MasterCard Planet on Sziget Festival 2007 - first ever large scale panoramic projection in Central Europe

In co-operation with Special Event, a Budapest based event agency PanoGraph - World Panorama Stock (WPS) has worked together on a unique project that has never happened before in the Central European region in the field of panoramic imaging and projection.

The client: MasterCard
The execution: A hemispherical tent (diameter of the tent: 18 meter) is put up where a screen of 2 meters high from ground is installed. The size of the screen: 55 meters long and 4 meters wide. This long screen runs around the wall of the tent. A special projection software is used to project 360 degree panoramic pictures on this screen. The goal is to „exhibit” our planet on Sziget Festival, to show the various geographies of the globe.

You can follow the development of Project Planet in our blog here >>>
  Project Planet

New 7 Wonders - The Great Wall of China

The New 7 Wonders of the World were announced at a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07., the leading VR and immersive image site run by Hans Nyberg features Tamas D. Varga's Great Wall panorama movie on the site among other New 7 Wonders. >>>

From "Interactive panoramas is a young media and as such it has for many years been known among entusiastic photographers and multimedia creators. An interactive VR panorama can not be seen in a book or on a printed image. If you print the panorama it gets a completely different expression.

You can only experience the feeling of being at the place and look around, on a computer. You can only distribute Vr Panoramas by the Internet or on CD.
With new fast internet connections Virtual Reality Panoramas has a large advantage in the tourist industry and in many other areas.
As a dokumentary of cultural heritage VR Photography is an excellent media which within a much smaller download than videos can give you a full view of a church or an ancient temple.
No other media can give you the feeling of being at the place like VR photos. And the ultimate feeling comes when you view them in Fullscreen >>>
Panoramic show for Coca Cola HBC corporate event

The event is CCHBC (Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) Leadership Conference Budapest.
The agency: Roxer Event & More, Budapest
Execution: PanoGraph's panoramic stock images used in large size format slide show at the Museum of Applied Arts.

Panoramic slide show images in higher resolution >>>

Some panoramic VR images of the event:
* The Past >>>
* The Future >>>
Roxer - Coca Cola HBC panoramic show

Professional photographers membership

Tamas D.Varga has become the first Hungarian member of the the Adobe Photographers Directory that showcases the talents of photographers around the world, enabling designers, art directors and image buyers to find the photographers they need to realize their ideas.

See his profile at the Adobe Photographesr Directory >>>
  Adobe goes live

PanoGraph's latest project for Spring 2007 is a new panoramic stock photo site, World Panorama Stock. provides high resolution, high quality inspirational Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers.

You will find a growing number of 6x17's, Xpans and stunning 360 degree panoramas by the best of class panoramic photographers of the world in our stock library.

Photo buyers can send us a photo request and we will search the panoramic image worldwide.

See FAQ for and if you are a professional panoramic photographer you are welcome to join WPS >>>
World Panorama Stock
Exhibition of Beijing 360° at Confucius Institute, Budapest

Selected panoramic photos of Tamas D.Varga will be on display at the Confuciues Institute in Budapest from 23rd February 2007.

Visit the homepage of the Confucius Institute >>>
Konfucus Institute Budapest
Stock Artists Alliance membership

Year 2007 started with a leap forward. PanoGraph has became a General Member of Stock Artists Alliance. SAA is composed of pro photographers working in the commercial, advertising and editorial, publishing field.

Visit the website of Stock Artists Alliance >>>

Visit Portfolio of Tamas at >>>

Stock Artists Alliance
VW Brasil New Polo site advertising - Immersive Media

PanoGraph proudly announces that our panoramic photographer, Tamas D.Varga has achieved a breakthrough in online advertising with panoramic images since up to now this format has not been used in the world of advertising.

The client is Volkswagen do Brasil Ltda. and the agency that we have worked for is AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo.
The idea: "New Polo. The whole world drives the same car"
Execution: Creation of panoramic images in QuickTime mov format of several European cities where the new VW Polo appears on the scene.
The site: Click the image to go directly to the panoramic images.

See some more panoramic VR images of the cities:
* Budapest >>
* Rome >>
* Paris >>
* Berlin >>
* Barcelona >>
Novo Polo online by AlmapBBDO and PanoGraph
PrivateMoon Studios - Yoomurjak's Ring - 2005-2006

"Yoomurjak's ring" is the world's first interactive movie (FMV = Full Motion Video) and adventure PC game with more than 700 exciting panoramas taken by PanoGraph.
Unique in way like no other 3D games with its looping motion of the actors in the static panoramic photos that were taken by series of exposures. First in class, an Eger city marketing project by Private Moon Studios of Pierrot.

"On foot, Eger is presented as a series of brilliant photographs of the city, each with a 360 degree panoramic view. The scope of the photographed streets is immense - it certainly feels like someone photographed all of Eger and put it into the game. A few shamelessly gorgeous views from a terrace only help immerse players in the game." (G.Schmidl
  Jumurdzsák gyűrűje
Panoramic photo albums by Tamas D.Varga 2004-2005  

About the photographer:

Tamas D.Varga is a professional panoramic photographer with a growing collection of 360 degree panoramic images from Budapest, Hungary, Europe and Asia.

Author of three panoramic photo albums ever published in Hungary. His photography encompasses shots showcasing people and their culture, buildings to the landscapes and tropical beaches.

His company called PanoGraph specializes in high quality, HiRes travel images (Right Managed) that are suitable for use in advertising / promotion, editorial, books, travel guides, catalogues, brochures, posters, calendars, multimedia, websites, presentations, etc.

He calls himself a panographer and seeks places and situations not previously photographed with a unique point of view and horizon mostly in panoramic format. Now he works on various projects in Hungary and Asia.



Tamas D.Varga

Budapest 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Hungary 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Budapest 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

Beijing 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

More to come soon...

Other great panoramic photo albums >>>

Stock Artists Alliance
Web Design Directory
Hungary Photography

IHB Digital Digital offset printing