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Pan2PDF marketing tool

Pan2PDF - e-broschure with integrated panoramas

PanoGraph Ltd. in co-operation with Buddhapets Design has developed Pan2PDF, a special e-broschure in portable document format (pdf) that is becoming a strong e-marketing tool for any businesses promoting their venues for the wide public.
The uniqueness of this tool is that besides text and pictures it integrates navigable panoramas into a pdf document that opens full screen from the web or when it is openened from a local drive.

Open or download full size (17 Mb) sample of the President's Office from here >>

Help on full screen pdf navigation:

When clicking on the link above a dialog appears giving you the choice to Open or Save the pdf file on your hard disk. Click on Open if you want to see it immediately or Save if you want to store it on your disk for reviewing later.

Pan2Pdf e-broschure

The file opens in full sceen mode with two menu items on the lower right corner. By clicking on the arrow you may proceed to the next page, by clicking on the asreisk the application quits.

PAn2PDF e-broschure

By clicking on the intro page (Page 2) you would enter to the content page and also you would see tha navigation map for the panoramas. By pressing the cursor and Page Down button would turn the page. Double left arrow on the menu would always take you back to the content page.

PAn2PDF e-broschure

When you first click on a panoramic image you have to enable playing the multimedia content.

Pan2PDF e-broschure

Then a navigable panoramic image will open in full screen.

Pan2PDF e-broschure

When you press "Esc" Acrobat Reader exits the fullscreen panorama mode and you are back to the still picture and text page.

Pan2PDF e-broschure

If you hit "Esc" the second time you will be able to browse the content page by page.

Pan2PDF e-broschure

See the online virtual tour created by, predecessor of PanpGraph Ltd. >>

Contact us in case you have further questions on Pan2PDF or if you would like to order one.

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Tamas D.Varga

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